The moment

The moment (2015)
Performance based on instructions by Yoko Ono. GARAGE Museum of Contemporary Art. YOKO ONO MORNING PEACE organized by MoMA PopRally. Moscow,Russia.


On the solstice at sunrise celebrate mornings of past, future, and now. Listen to the world. Touch each other when the sun comes up.
y.o.  spring 2015

The morning. The silence. The peace. Until the 3:45 you have to choose your chair. and sit down.The only instruction is the silence. Listen to yourself. Listen to the silence. Please close your telephone. You can’t shoot pictures duringthe performance. Give to yourself the chance to be at the moment. Only today. Only these 15 minutes. You’ll have a mirror. You canthink one word, a wishing, which you want to say to the world. On the solstice at sunrise you can touch the light and sent it to each other by the mirror.                                                     
vera iona summer 2015