I am a film director based in Greece, profoundly drawn to the vibrant narratives of real-life stories that explore the intricate facets of human identity. My creative journey serves as a catalyst for positive change, a realm where storytelling takes center stage.

With a diverse educational background spanning Film Directing at VGIK (Moscow), Fine Arts at Moscow’s ICA, Architecture at Odessa’s OGASA and a MA in Digital Arts at ASFA (Athens), I’ve sculpted a multidimensional perspective that breathes life into my cinematic creations. My canvas stretches far beyond traditional boundaries, unfurling to encompass documentaries, experimental videos, and the captivating fusion of performance art with cinema.

I’ve had the privilege of showcasing my work on esteemed global stages such as artvideoKOELN, International Athens Film Festival, GARAGE, Cookhouse Gallery, and MoMa PopRally. These experiences have not only honed my artistry but have also ignited my passion for exploring the immersive realm of new media and the potential to create transformative experiences.

My artistic evolution is deeply rooted in my intercultural heritage, from my birthplace in Kyiv to my nurturing amidst the vibrant landscapes of Athens, Moscow, and Odessa. It’s a profound expedition through the thresholds of psychosomatic boundaries, the cadence of interactivity, and the transformative potential of storytelling in immersive art.

My vision is to blend the worlds of new media, cinema, and performance art into immersive experiences that transcend traditional boundaries. Through the convergence of these mediums, I aim to create narratives that invite audiences to step into a world where storytelling becomes an immersive journey of self-discovery and artistic exploration.

Join me on this voyage into the realm of cinematic artistry and immersive experiences—a realm where real stories come to life in ways that captivate the senses and illuminate the boundless potential of human creativity.