I am a filmmaker based between Greece and Ukraine. My passion is creative documentary cinema, because I believe it is the most powerful media which can educate, motivate and inspire us to take actions on important social issues and make positive changes in our lives. I am a founder of Full Flight Productions, a film and time based media company.

 The main research tool of my artistic creation is confession. Having spent seven years of psychoanalysis as an analyst, I often work with psychologists to create a script and to find the best way to collaborate with my protagonists

My works can be characterised by immediacy and physicality. It is a collection of true stories and feelings which need to be listenedHuman and nature. Violence. Passion. Removal. Immigration. Displacement.

I come from an intercultural family. I was born in Kyiv and my parents removed to Athens when I was two years old. When I became an adult I lived for seven years in Moscow and another seven years in Odesa. So the issues of home, identity and war come from my autobiographical path.

The road that led me to the cinema, started from performance art. A journey where the axis of study was the psychosomatic boundaries, its meaning here and now as well as the interactivity, when using instructions you shift the role of the protagonist, or the spectator to the position of the creator.

I often choose Gros Plan, in an attempt to bridge the gap between the hero and the audience.  I flirt with hysterical characters who have unstable emotions and try to make them lovable. I often lead my protagonists into nature to dig up (literally or figuratively) memories and emotions that are deeply buried. 

 I studied film directing (VGIK) and fine arts in Moscow (ICA), digital arts in Athens (MA ASFA) and architecture in Odessa (OGASA). I have collaborated with Marina Abramovic and Yoko Ono. My artistic work includes documentaries, experimental videos and live art, which have been presented at international festivals, museums and galleries (such as artvideoKOELN, International Athens Film Festival, GARAGE, Cookhouse Gallery, MoMa PopRally etc.). I have curated and organised exhibitions and live art festivals in urban and digital spaces.