A performance and a mixed-media Exhibition in МСИО (Odessa, Ukraine) and K85 (Athens, Greece). 10.9-30.12.2021
Long-Durational Performance Workshop by Vera Iona Papadopoulou (10-12/9/2021)
Performance Exhibition (17/10/2021, МСИО – Odessa, Ukraine)
Mixed-media Group Exhibition (17/11-30/12/2021, K85 – Athens, Greece).
Organised by Museum of Modern Art Odessa (МСИО) & IST (Institute of Contemporary Art).
Curated by Anna Stroulia and Vera Iona Papadopoulou.
Performers: Evgen Bal, Hanna Bakhtadze, Alisa Larant, Maryna Semenkova, Veronika Skobenina.

“[I]dentity is never a priori, nor a finished product; it is only ever the problematic process of access to an image of totality.” (Bhabha 1994:51).

Taking as a starting point postmodern conceptions of identities as fluid, multidimensional, personalized social constructions that reflect sociohistorical contexts, the exhibition ON ON BORDER: IDENTITIES – GNNR (Gender, Nature, Nationalities, Revolutions) approaches identity issues related to gender, ethnicity and nature through a series of Long-Durational performances.
Through an intensive, three-day Long-Durational Performance workshop conducted by Vera Iona Papadopoulou and organised by the Museum of Modern Art Odessa, five emerging Ukrainian performers explore aspects of their personal identity, testing and expanding their spiritual and physical boundaries.

Their performances are shown during two upcoming events in Ukraine and Greece. Performances were taking place on October 17 in Museum of Modern Art Odessa (МСИО) and then, on November 13 the photo documentation of performances will be shown as an exhibition in Greece in the artist-run project space K85, at the center of Athens.