Unlock Your Creative Potential Through Guided Art Mentoring

Welcome to a transformative journey of artistic growth and self-discovery. I am delighted to introduce you to a unique mentoring experience that draws from the rich tapestry of my extensive artistic and educational background.

For nearly a decade, I have been sharing my passion and knowledge as a performance art mentor, working with aspiring artists and creators who seek to delve deeper into the realms of artistic expression. With a distinguished track record of teaching performance art at esteemed museums and galleries, organizing masterclasses, and curating educational programs, my approach to mentoring transcends the ordinary and ventures into the extraordinary.

As a filmmaker, artist, and mentor, I understand the nuances of creative exploration. I have guided students in the art of performance, cinema, and experimental video, fostering an environment where innovation flourishes and artistic voices find their resonance. My mentorship extends beyond geographical borders—I’ve had the privilege of mentoring filmmakers and performers in diverse locations, from Russia and Ukraine to Bucharest, Britain, and beyond.

Drawing inspiration from luminaries such as Marina Abramovic, Theodoros Terzopoulos, and the intricacies of fiction film directing, my mentoring method is a fusion of time-honored artistic practices and holistic disciplines. Embracing elements of yoga, tantra, and meditation, I offer a comprehensive approach that nurtures both your artistic spirit and your inner well-being. With a 200-hour yoga Alliance  diploma, I integrate mind-body practices into our mentoring journey, providing you with tools to harness creativity and cultivate mental clarity.

My journey through film directing (VGIK), fine arts (ICA) in Moscow, digital arts (MA ASFA) in Athens, and architecture (OGASA) in Odessa has woven a diverse fabric of artistic insights. Collaborations with luminaries such as Marina Abramovic and Yoko Ono have enriched my understanding of artistic depth and impact. My own artistic creations, spanning documentaries, experimental videos, and live art performances showcased on prestigious global platforms, reflect my commitment to pushing creative boundaries.

As a curator and organizer of exhibitions and live art festivals in both physical and digital spaces, I bring a unique perspective to mentoring—an approach that nurtures innovation in an evolving artistic landscape. Through this mentoring journey, you’ll gain not only technical skills but also a profound understanding of the interplay between creativity and self-discovery.

Embark on a voyage of artistic growth and exploration, where mentorship is not just about honing skills—it’s about igniting your unique creative flame. I invite you to join me in this transformative experience, where the art of mentorship becomes a catalyst for your creative evolution.